“We’re off on a North Sea mini cruise from Hull

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moncler outlet store BrugesGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeNow we were Official Moncler Outlet lucky enough to enjoy a superb week on board P flagship Britannia in the Mediterranean last year, so expectations were high. “Where to this time?” she said, “Caribbean, Bahamas?””No,” I said. “We’re off on a North Sea mini cruise from Hull.”Now, I will say there was a little initial disappointment, but this moncler outlet location quickly disappeared as I told her our final destination was to be Bruges the Venice of the North.After making our way to the terminal at Hull (under two hours and very easy to find with lots of parking) we were quickly on board with quite a number of other foot passengers P are moncler coats for men now marketing these routes as ideal weekend mini break cruises.Our transport was the venerable ferry Pride of York, which turned out to be easily big enough to take the North Sea in its stride and double up as a cruise liner, with two restaurants, and a choice of bars and entertainment.And, first and foremost, I need to praise the food on board which was every bit as good as we had enjoyed on Britannia a year before.There is a busy, all you can eat buffet service in the ship’s Kitchen restaurant or a more relaxed Bistro to enjoy cheap moncler jackets wholesale moncler outlet store.

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